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German walk with Barbara Steveni

  Part of I'm an Archive series by Barbara Steveni, a founder of the Artist Placement Group. A video documentary by Marina Landia I first became interested in APG the Artist Placement Group in relation to my teaching course Art and Economy, at the University of Art Berlin. This course explores artistic practices dealing with different aspects of the western economic system.

We look at concrete artistic strategies and approaches which had an intention/objective to reflect and influence ways of thinking within commercial organizations rather than to provide a predefined product or service. In this context we discuss/explore different possibilities for more active involvement of artists in the economy.

I made contact with Barbara in 2010 whilst researching into varying business strategies in different countries. This became focused on exploration of specific aspects and problems of market economy. For this research the APG was incredibly interesting for me with it's unique approach towards value.

When learning about Barbara work with APG I became aware of her series of participatory documented onsite walks in which she revisited crucial industrial and government placements in the UK. The fifth walk in the I AM AN ARCHIVE series took place in Bonn revisiting the original European Placement at a crucial time prior to unification.

I offered to produce a documentary film about “German Walk"

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