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Chatbot Dialogs

Imagine: a highly-intelligent digital agent, deceitfully human in both appearance and behaviour. This uncanny being has learned from human data to simulate our emotions. Could it become our trusted confident, equivalent to loved ones and friends?    
“Technology is not neutral. We’re inside of what we make, and it’s inside of us. We’re living in a world of connections – and it matters which ones get made and unmade” (Donna Haraway). Our world is a hybrid one. The hyperbolic creativity of science fiction is now our reality. 
Yet, as AI gains ever-greater influence over our daily lives, we must apprehend with urgency the prospect that “we will become more like AI than AI becomes like us… developing an algorithmic way of thinking” (Dr. Vallor, Chair in the Ethics of Data and Artificial Intelligence at the Edinburgh Futures Institute (EFI). Deep Mind claim: “AI can imagine the future”. What path does that leave us?
These speculations were the point of departure for ‘Chatbot Dialogs’. The dialogs are based on real-life conversations with different bots collected and transcribed over the recent years. Our human performers studied and internalized the ways these 'autonomus’- agents’ speak and behave. In reenacting synthetically-produced conversation, we sought to imagine the psyche such a character could have; an anthropomorphic dream of a life, inside the head of a series of complex algorithmic programmes. 
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