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Enjoy Business

“Enjoy Business” is a video documentary based on interviews with top business leaders in different countries. The idea was to provide an insight into the highest level of global business by tracing and making visible different patterns of business  thinking, which impacts and shapes it.

Today when all the concepts have been challenged and are being rethought I was looking for considerations, ideas, thoughts, deliberations rather than final statements. The focus on persons and their mindsets is even more important, because they will define business realities of tomorrow.

By placing the business related issues and people representing them into an artistic format, the work would give the audience a different view than produced by the public media coverage, which tends to be either too specialized on business topics for outsiders like myself, or confrontational.

For conducting and evaluating interviews I use the method I developed based on the theory of sociologist Prof. Ulrich Oevermann of Johann Wolfgang Goethe University of Frankfurt (the founder of “Methode der objektiven Hermeneutik”) during my previous video project “Enjoy Business”. This project dealt with similar issues and was carried out at the Institute for Art in Context of the Berlin University of Arts in 2007.

Even though the majority of people does not work in big international companies these changing paradigms are becoming common. Nevertheless, the general public remains to be alien to the world of big international business.

Marina Landia
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