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Ongoing video series reflecting on the algorithmic patterns and architectures behind biological and artificial intelligence.
In engaging respected voices from the field and by juxtaposing main command patterns of human behaviour with that of its synthetic counterpart, the Landia Foundation unlocks a new depth to the AI debate.

Human Applications. Short film

MareNostrum 4, the supercomputer harboured underneath a deconsecrated chapel in Barcelona, provides the perfect backdrop to Human Application’s opening sequence.
An excerpt that relates to Prof. Stuart Russell’s definition of AI as an agent acting in accordance with ideal standards for rationality.
An excerpt in which our humanoid AI Units attempt to decode the moral standards decreed by Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence.   Could machines ever derive from this type of human data, any actionable steps to serve us in our quest for justice?    
an excerpt from the interview with Chris Boos, CEO of Arago GmbH
HUMAN APPLICATIONS: director: Marina Landia, concept and script: Marina Landia and Nick Landia, camera: Maik Kleinschmidt, Mike Freeman, cast: Holly Hudson, Natasha Stiven, Nick Landia.
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