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ENJOY BUSINESS by Marina Landia

Enjoy Business is a series of videos produced by me, based on interviews with leading personalities from international business.

I plan five to six interviews for every video series, with each interview lasting one hour. The communication process starts right from the planning phase. An open interview is decided upon without the questions being formulated in advance. I say that I am conducting artistic work and that the people and their thoughts interest me more than the company they are in charge of. I travel to the interviews alone, without a team.
I developed the interviewing method that I use here on the basis of a sociological interview technique developed by Ulrich Oevermann, a professor of Sociology and Social Psychology. This method allows me to conduct a relatively informal conversation with a person who does not know me well. My primary objective is to achieve a way of interviewing in which the people concerned no longer rattle off pre-prepared statements but start thinking during the interview and in front of the camera. What interests me are these thought processes.

Because, I perceive the ways of thinking that spring up within a economic system under influence of its structure and nexus as something resembling the latter’s mentality. Of course, my interview partners do not only think in business-specific categories. However, they are the most competent representatives of and actors in the relevant systems.   The video material produced is filtered and treated using a particular artistic method. I look at the interview material for so long that I almost know it off by heart. As of a certain point, a number of the statements begin to feel different from the rest of them. Their subject matter is the questions and dilemmas that hang in the air but to which I feel I have not yet received an answer.   Then, from the sequences thus chosen I construct a debate between the participants in the project that has in reality never taken place. My supposition is that this kind of discussion seldom takes place – especially not in this concentrated form.

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